Chongqing Leisure Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Chongqing Leisure Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established on January 14, 1988. It is located at No. 4, Huazhong Avenue, Chongqing (Changshou) Chemical Industrial Park. It is controlled by Tongfang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tsinghua University. It is an organic synthesis-led medicine. Professional research and development pharmaceutical companies for APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. There are 192 employees, including 81 college graduates and 28 professional R&D technicians. The company is market-oriented, driven by technological innovation, and vigorously promotes product export and high-tech project research and development. It is the world's largest professional manufacturer of anti-malarial drugs. The company has a complete organizational management system. Several products obtained national drug registration approval and GMP certification, of which cilostazol was approved by the US FDA, cilostazol was registered by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan, and piperaquine phosphate was certified by WHO PQ. The company has a dedicated R&D department and conducts a large number of technical research and development work. A new R&D company (Chongqing Huakong Leisure Drug Research Co., Ltd.) is being registered, and it is located in the Science and Technology Innovation Park of Changshou Economic Development Zone. The R&D site is 2,000 square meters, and the R&D staff is planned to reach 50 people. He has won 5 key new products, 1 strategic product, 10 high-tech products, 2 technical innovation projects in Chongqing, and 5 scientific and technological projects. It applied for 80 invention patents and 61 utility model patents, obtained 6 invention patents, 20 utility model patents, 2 third prizes for scientific and technological progress, 1 second prize for scientific and technological progress, and 9 scientific and technological achievements. . Ranked as “Chongqing Key Supporting SMEs”, Innovation Fund “Star Rating Project”, the first batch of “Four Stars” nurturing enterprises, technological innovation advanced collectives, advanced scientific and technological work collectives, demonstration production enterprises, outstanding innovation enterprises, Chongqing Intellectual property pilot units, municipal-level intellectual property advantage enterprises, and national high-tech enterprises. The company attaches great importance to HSE management, has a well-equipped GMP workshop, is equipped with a full-time HSE management department, and passed the national environmental protection acceptance. Obtained certificates such as “Chongqing City Pollutant Discharge Permit” and “Safe Production License”. The company has not experienced major quality, environmental and safety production accidents, and there are no quality problems in the product quality supervision and spot check. It has passed the implementation of the enterprise-level responsibility A-level standard assessment, safety standardization secondary enterprise assessment, and special equipment implementation of the enterprise safety production main responsibility on-site assessment. The company has developed a sound financial management system, conducts corporate financial management in accordance with national laws and regulations, and actively conducts financial audits. Established a long-term benign cooperative relationship with the bank, and the company has a good reputation. Chongqing Kangle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a member of Tsinghua University's industrial system. The company closely relies on the superior resources of Tsinghua University to cooperate with Tsinghua University Medical School to carry out the construction of key laboratories; cooperate with Tsinghua University's Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Chemistry to prepare the project. The Technical Center is a student practice base of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University. It is a professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Chongqing Leisure Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Changshou District have reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which will promote the rapid development of the recreational company. The new research and development project has 2 new drugs, 6 new drugs, 3 generic drugs and 5 pharmaceutical intermediates, all of which have good export prospects. Once the above new products are put into production, all of the company's products will achieve sales revenue of more than 4 billion yuan.

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