About Us

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A global pharmaceutical organization MAKROMEDICINE is engaged in the consulting services of all kind of pharmaceutical companies  across the world.

Our aim is to find more convenient ways of providing with medicines all countries across the world. To develop the fastest and easiest way of connection and cooperation between pharmaceutical companies.

Within short time, MAKROMEDICINE succeeded to set up a world-class workspace. Because of dedicated efforts of its well educated and experienced technical, marketing and sourcing professionals, MAKROMEDICINE today has garnered vast number of customers in  Europe and Asia.

Communication is the basis of business. Save your money by saving your time



MAKROMEDICINE was established in 2010 as a Makromed Pharma Company which is the part of the MAKROMEDICINE till today.

Makromed Company was conceived as a response to the acute needs of the pharmaceutical industry in high-quality and effective consulting services in the field of market analytics, management and personnel trainings. In 2013, we carried out the first projects, including in the field of investment projects and business diagnostics, which predetermined the further development of the company. In the future, we have identified four most important, in our opinion areas: Business Consulting (organisation of drugstore chains, warehouses, program providing service, audit), Business Trainings, Registration (medicines, FS and MD) and Market Access.



Our office is located in Baku (Azerbaijan), which allows us  quickly and efficiently cover the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe, the countries of Central Asia and the CIS. There are our regional local representatives in Germany, India and in Georgia in  . We are not limited to the region indicated above.