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Makromedicine is a pharmaceutical database placing all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry at your fingertips. With our extensive resources of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, agents, and available markets, we bring together the pharmaceutical industry, for an easier and safer way to conduct business. We provide ease of access with our vast search capabilities to find all manufacturers and suppliers of every brand of pharmaceutical goods around the globe. Makromedicine is your source for finding and participating in Tenders within the pharmaceutical industry. Our site also provides pharmaceutical-related news and upcoming events around the world. Think of us as your guide to finding anything pharmaceutical.

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After years of involvement in the pharmaceutical field, we realized the difficulties faced with searching for and obtaining information about medicines, manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers… which proved to be time-consuming and lengthy. Our mission is to provide an efficient and time-saving process for Pharmaceutical companies to connect with one another. Our database is comprised of leading and well-known pharmaceutical companies. This database, although vast, has been thoroughly checked by our staff to be reputable and well respected in the field. Today, we are sharing this pool of knowledge through our website. Here, you can search for what you need in a fraction of the time compared to the conventional ways of the past. We also invite you to become a part of our network by registering your company with us and sharing your product line on our site. At Makromedicine you become a part of a collection of the world's pharmaceutical companies, connecting you with potential buyers, and providing your company with online visibility. Makromedicine has also integrated the capability of all its members to participate in global tenders for an opportunity to bid on contracts for supplying pharmaceutical goods globally. Our news section allows you to become familiar and stay informed with pharmaceutical discoveries and events taking place in every city around the world. Makromedicine saves you time and money by placing the world of pharmaceuticals in the palm of your hands.

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