Is it free to register?

On Makromedicine.com registration of your company, and product posting, are FREE of charge. With an upgrade to Premium Membership, you can unlock Market Statistics, and be able to participate in global Tenders.

How do I become a member?

By filling out our online registration form, and passing our verification process, you can become a part of the Makromedicine community, allowing you to: - search for goods on our site, - register your company to advertise your goods, - get access to statistics of interested buyers from all over the world, - participate in tenders, - post news about the world of pharmaceuticals, - and connect with our database of users.

How many products can I register?

There are no limits on the number of products you can register. With an upgrade to a Premium Membership, you can send us the list of your products, and our staff will post them for you free of charge - included with your Premium Membership Package.

How can I connect with potential Manufacturers, Distributors, or Suppliers?

Once registered, you can click on the “Mail” icon next to the product to contact directly, or use our messaging system for a convenient alternative.

How does Makromedicine work?

It's simple. Our site is dedicated to connecting you with buyers and sellers all around the world. By completing our registration process, you will have access to our vast database of pharmaceutical companies. On our website, you can either register your company and be visible to potential buyers, or register as a user and browse our database for companies to connect with.

Do I have to verify my company?

At Makromedicine, company verification is compulsory. We verify your company standards and certificates to ensure a secure network of users. The verification system also ensures confidence and trust for our registered members.

How can I participate in Tenders?

By becoming a Premium Member, you can participate in all the Tenders posted on our site. Please read the information about each Tender carefully as all Tenders have conditions unique to the nature of the Tender.

How do I trust the information on this site?

Makromedicine works closely with all our applicants to verify who they are, what they post, and who they connect with. Without the completion of the verification process, it is not possible to post or access the data on our site.

How do I register?

Once you enter a search query, you will be directed to our online registration form. Once our staff has verified your account, your registration process is complete. You can also use our step-by-step registration guide to help you with the process.

Why would I upgrade to a Premium Membership?

With our Premium Membership, you can get access to our Statistical page outlining all the interested parties based on drug type and region. Our Statistics page offers intensive data beneficial for sourcing and connecting to potential customers. You also get access to our online Tenders and information on participation regulations. Our Premium Members also get full access to our staff for assistance in every aspect of the site, from registration to product posting.

Does Makromedicine just connect buyers with sellers?

No, Makromedicine is more than that. On our site, you can obtain knowledge about the world of pharmaceuticals, read about new developments in the field, get informed about upcoming events and fairs in every country, and participate in tenders posted on our site for an opportunity to be part of the trade sector of the pharmaceutical industry.

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